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Relevant Business Development helps owners of agencies and service businesses recognize the worth of the valuable asset you have created. We will help you along the path of getting the highest return on the time, money, and energy you have invested in the firm you've built.


By working with us, you will take advantage of the extensive industry knowledge and experience we've gathered by working with over 200 agency businesses over the last five years. We are the ones you want to talk to about identifying the unique assets embedded in your agency and what opportunities exist to enhance its value.

The key measure of any business is its market potential. With our distinctive, hands-on approach, our team of experts helps you identify potential new client segments, service enhancements, organizational improvements, and strategic directions -- all designed to optimize profitability, which will lead to the firm's success and increased market value.

As it happens, you will work on less challenging tasks, earn more, grow faster, and love the team and clients you are associated with.

The Problem

Most Business Owners Don’t have their End Game in Mind


Research reveals that while most business owners believe that their business will transition in 10 years or less, the majority are unprepared. Consequently, the majority of enterprises that go to market fail to sell their offerings. 

Owner Readiness

Only 17%

Only 17% of owners have a written transition plan in place to address the possibility of a sale, succession, or death/disability. More than two-thirds of business owners don't know all of their alternatives when it comes to relocating. What happens when a company isn't ready to take on new challenges? The following outcomes occur: Almost half of all departures become involuntary, as a result of death, disability, divorce, distress, or disagreement.

Business Attractiveness

Only 2%

Only 2% of small firms in the United States have ever had a valuation performed. It is rare to find a business owner who spends more time working “in” the business rather than “on” the business. Instead of improving their net profit and company value, they are concentrating on raising revenue and sales

Successful Transition

Only 30%

Only 30% of the enterprises that are put on the market succeed in making a profit. A year after selling a firm, three out of four owners said they regretted the decision. About three-quarters of family businesses fail beyond the second generation.

Measure, Maximize & Monetize

Learn the best solution to grab the highest return in your agency with Relevant's value creation process.




Through a combination of our unique, online input process and personal follow-up discussions, we will gather the baseline data required to provide a current market value estimate and provide initial insights into opportunities for enhancement.




With both quantitative and qualitative inputs in hand, Relevant will then run the data through five business valuation models to provide an estimate of your agency's current market value.

In addition, we will present a variety of specific opportunities that can increase your firm's value.


Next Steps


From there, the next steps are up to you.  If you're happy with the findings, Relevant can help you begin the process of packaging your firm for sale.

Conversely, if you want to enhance your agency's value, you can either pursue those opportunities with your own resources, or Relevant would be happy to help your agency layout and execute those plans.

And of course, there is always the option of staying on your current course.

Exit Strategy
Agency Owners

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Relevant Business Development recognizes that planning to leave a long-established company is a major decision. Through our exit planning services, we help ensure a successful business exit and also increase your business’s marketability and value.

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